The Modern Warfare 3 MASTERY CAMOS Leaked & They Look…

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The Modern Warfare 3 MASTERY CAMOS Leaked & They Look...
The Modern Warfare 3 MASTERY CAMOS Leaked & They Look…
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Believe it or not, Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer and zombies camos may have already leaked when we look at the upcoming year and htey look surprisingly really good. Not to mention, there’s a bit more to the grind this year apparently as we’re seeing introductions for Zombies camos and another aspect of the game to grind out. Today we’re taking a look at all that we know so far, where these come from, what they even look like and discussing the nature of if these will hold up for launch or not. As we go along, drop your thoughts below, what do you think of these camos? Do you hope these will hold up and be the mastery camos we see in Modern Warfare 3? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts below. If you enjoy the video, do me a favor and drop a like on it and if you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing to stay up to date with all things Modern Warfare 3. We’ve got SO MUCH upcoming that you won’t want to miss ahead of the launch here and beyond so if you’d like to join the community. I’d love to have you. For now, let’s jump into these Modern Warfare 3 mastery camos… This is: Modern Warfare 3’s Mastery Camos Leaked & They Look Incredible…

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00:00 – Intro
01:08 – Modern Warfare 3’s Camo System May Seem Familiar
03:02 – So Where Does This Modern Warfare 3 Camo Leak Come From?
03:33 – The Modern Warfare 3 Mastery Camo Leaks
07:24 – Can We See a /”Grand Mastery/” Camo Grind in Modern Warfare 3?
09:04 – Thanks for watching! Subscribe, like & comment!

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