Lethal Company – Tips to Please the Company

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Lethal Company - Tips to Please the Company
Lethal Company – Tips to Please the Company
Ever since Lethal Company came out we’ve been absolutely hooked, and we’ve figured that it’s worth sharing the tips and tricks we’ve accrued across our playtime help you become a better worker for the Company! So whether you’re a new hire or a company veteran, there should hopefully be something new here for you to learn!

Walkie-Talkie battery across the day diagram: https://twitter.com/WaddickerYT/status/1726631223672574202

00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Basic Tips
01:19 – Terminal Tips
01:47 – Scavenging
02:44 – Threats
03:39 – When to Leave
04:06 – Quota & Ship
05:15 – Outro

We stream on Twitch! – https://www.twitch.tv/waddicker
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Hello! I’m Wad and I do streams either solo or with the other members of Waddicker. Together we chat, have fun, and overall just try and have a great time together with our small community!
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Want to contact me? Here’s a few ways you can do so:
Discord: WillyTrombone (hashtag) 1693
Twitter: @WaddickerYT
Email: waddickerstreams@gmail (dot) com

Music Used:
The Upturned OST – Phone Call
The Upturned OST – Ik
The Upturned OST – Jumping Spider
Lethal Company – Ambience

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