How to get ALL 72 BADGES in SLAP BATTLES! (Null Glove Update) [ROBLOX]

HomeGames, Other ContentHow to get ALL 72 BADGES in SLAP BATTLES! (Null Glove Update) [ROBLOX]
How to get ALL 72 BADGES in SLAP BATTLES! (Null Glove Update) [ROBLOX]
How to get ALL 72 BADGES in SLAP BATTLES! (Null Glove Update) [ROBLOX]
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In this video, I’ll be showing you guys how to get All 72 Badges in Slap Battles!

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Welcome
0:23 You Met The Owner, You Met Snow
0:33 Ez
1:15 Court Evidence
1:42 Duck
2:08 Divine Punishment
2:35 Infected
2:56 The Touch Of Midas
3:51 Unphased
4:11 To The Moon
4:45 Evaded
5:35 Brazil
6:38 Error Glove
7:52 The Reverse Incident
9:05 Savior
10:14 Short Fuse
11:20 Sorry To Burst Your Bubble
12:43 Firefighter
14:14 Death Dodger
15:26 Good Job
16:35 Orb Of Flight
17:15 Anticlimactic
18:06 Brick Master
19:01 Bob
20:55 Island Conquerer, Killer, Predator, Head Hunter
25:23 [REDACTED], The One, Ascend, 1 0 0, 250
28:37 Harbinger Of Death
29:39 Really?, WHY
30:11 Prolonged Anger
31:51 The Golden Slapple
32:40 Memento Mori
33:58 The Lone Orange
38:53 Plate Master
40:28 What
42:17 01010010 01010101 01001110
52:38 RNGod
54:16 Moyai
57:07 Insanity
58:08 CHAOS
59:13 Demonic Ritual
1:01:03 Underkill
1:02:16 Kinetically Charged
1:03:24 GO BERSERK
1:05:03 Incredible Running Man
1:06:24 Boogie With It
1:07:14 Repressed Memories
1:10:35 Blasting Off Again
1:12:16 Ultimate Control
1:17:00 Escape the Abyss
1:22:15 Da Maze Runner
1:26:14 Toolbox
1:27:31 Emissary Of Light
1:38:40 Clipped Wings
1:40:16 Total Rhythm
1:41:31 See In The Dark
1:44:13 Sharp Shooter
1:45:26 Parkour Pwner
1:55:07 The Relic
2:04:31 Outro

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How to get ALL 72 BADGES in SLAP BATTLES! (Null Glove Update) [ROBLOX]

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