Alan Wake 2 Mid Range PC vs PS5 Graphics and Framerate Comparison

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Alan Wake 2  Mid Range PC vs PS5  Graphics and Framerate Comparison
Alan Wake 2 Mid Range PC vs PS5 Graphics and Framerate Comparison
Alan Wake 2 is one of the most visually stunning games this generation. With this level of Graphical fidelity, the System Requirements on PC was very high. There were also concerns how the game would run on the consoles.

If you are using a Mid-Range PC what kind of experience can you expect and how will it compare with the PS5’s Performance mode that targets 60FPS. Can we get a constant 60 FPS with a Mid-Range PC that delivers equal or better visuals than the PS5 Performance mode ? This video aims to answer that.

Here the game is running at Max Settings without RT, at 1440P with DLSS set to Quality on a PC with RTX 3070 and Ryzen 5 5600X. We generally get a noticeably better experience on PC using DLSS/FSR2 that can consistently provide a 60FPS performance graph along with maintaining the visuals.

The differences, though present are not earth shattering as the Performance Mode on PS5 too generally maintains that 60FPS but albeit with a Lower Quality Graphics preset and decreased resolution.

The main areas that takes a hit on the PS5 to maintain that 60FPS are the Resolution, Shadow Quality, Draw Distance and SSR Reflections. The internal resolution of the PS5 Performance mode is 847P which is then upscaled to 1440P. On the PC Version with DLSS set to Quality at 1440P, the internal resolution clocks in around 960P, which is higher than the PS5 Performance mode.

This time around, PC seems to be the better place to experience Alan Wake 2, even if you don’t have the latest high GPUs.


00:00 Intro
00:16 PC Graphics Settings
00:38 Environment & Assets
02:00 Shadows
03:00 Textures
03:41 NPC Character Models
04:57 Reflections (SSR)
05:37 Vegetation
06:39 General Gameplay
07:47 Cutscene

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