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Alan Wake 2 Characters & Voice Actors
Alan Wake 2 Characters & Voice Actors
Prepare for the chilling sequel, Alan Wake 2 (stylized as Alan Wake II), a survival-horror video game set to release on 17 October 2023. Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XS, and PC through the Epic Games Store, this atmospheric journey will captivate you with its supernatural elements and intense gameplay. Plus, stay tuned for two post-game expansions, /”Night Springs/” and /”Lake House,/” adding even more mysteries to unravel. With a talented cast including Matthew Porretta, Melanie Liburd, and James McCaffrey lending their voices to unforgettable characters, Alan Wake 2 is an experience you won’t want to miss. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive content and updates as we dive deeper into the darkness.

Alan Wake II 2 Full List of Voice Actors & Face models –

1. Matthew Porretta as Alan Wake
( modelled after Ilkka Villi )

2. Melanie Liburd as Saga Anderson (second protagonist)

3. James McCaffrey as Alex Casey
( modelled after Sam Lake )
These actors also voiced & Modelled for Max Payne

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