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The Short Story

Jim Wilson is a computer scientist, electrical engineer, and entrepreneur with twenty years experience designing and developing software in the defense, aerospace and geographic information systems (GIS) fields. His specialties are spatial analysis and modeling, and large spatial database development and maintenance systems. He has authored several highly successful software packages for retail site distribution optimization, trade area analysis, and the like.

Jim is the founder of Paragon Code, a software modeling company where he currently serves as CEO. He also was a co-founder and the chief technical officer of BLR Data, formerly one of the largest GIS data providers in the world.

Chiefly of a necessity for practical commercial implementations, Jim has extended algorithm theory in a few areas. He developed one of the earliest successful commercial programs for finding the Voronoi tessellation and Delaunay triangulation of an arbitrary set of points on the sphere in optimal time. He has also produced a series of highly configurable Multiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) location analysis models.

Prior to his entry into the GIS industry in 1992, Jim was a software and electrical engineer with Hughes Aircraft Company. He was with Hughes for nine years, where he designed and developed production test hardware and software for digital signal processing systems in the AMRAAM missile.

The Long Story... (-: for those with entirely too much time on their hands :-)

In 1992, Jim Wilson and another man established Business Location Research Corporation (BLRC), which later became BLR Data. Initially, BLRC offered consulting services to retailers, primarily in the form of market studies based on models for network optimization that Jim developed. The market studies were very successful, but the entrepreneurs immediately noticed the lack of available high quality geographic data needed for analysis and presentations.

BLRC quickly shifted its focus to developing advanced spatial data products. Over the next six and a half years, BLR Data grew into an industry-leading geographic data manufacturing company of nearly 100 employees. Jim served as chief technology officer, director, and consultant, heading the research and development, production, and customer support operations. He designed and led the development of virtually every one of BLR Data's product offerings, and also authored innovative software for spatial modeling, network analysis, retail trade area, and site location optimization applications.

In August of 1998, Jim left his post as Executive Vice President of BLR Data and established Paragon Code, a company focused on developing custom software models for analysis and prediction. At the same time, BLR Data was bought by Geographic Data Technology (GDT). Paragon Code and Geographic Data Technology quickly formed an alliance and work together on various projects for mutual clients.

The applications produced by Paragon Code are widely varied; they run the gamut from visualization and analysis tools for the research and development of geological magmatic sweep theory to a probabilistic asset price bounds model for a random walk theory of price movement.

Prior to founding BLR Data, Jim was a software and electrical engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company. There, he engineered test hardware and software for airborne missile digital signal processing systems. This included designing test equipment hardware, electronics and software. He also created failure tracking and production rate analysis applications.

Jim brings leadership experience, a broad array of skills, and a pragmatic approach to his activities.

In private life, Jim's interests are chess, woodworking and metalworking, astronomy, physics, cosmology, billiards, and radio control aircraft. He is a voting member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and a life member of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and the Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA). Jim has served as president of SACA, vice-president of the Arizona Chess Federation, Inc (ACFI), president of the East Side Chess Club, and vice-chairman of the USCF Internet Committee.


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