A little about me

Copyright 2002 by Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

I was born Jan 4, 1962, somewhere near Middleton, Pennsylvania, USA. Carlisle, I think. My father was in the Army and we moved quite a bit. My parents had met in college in Alaska, and we lived there a couple years before ending up in North Carolina when I was five or six. When I was 14, I entered a minor seminary (yep, thought I wanted to be a priest!), and stayed there for two years. Got a great education, but it wasn't meant to be.

Joined the Air Force at 17 and fixed avionics sensors for four years (laser, IR, and low-light-level target designation and weapons guidance systems). My service brought me back to Alaska for two years -- well, sort of -- I was stationed in Anchorage. Think of Seattle, wetter, colder, and gloomier. Now, *Alaska* starts a little further north. My family is from all over the state, and I took the opportunity to do some serious visiting while I was there. It's beautiful country.

My last tour of duty brought me to Tucson, Arizona, and I've been here ever since. I love the blue sky! We see sunshine about 350 days a year. After I left the military, I did a 9-year stint with Hughes Aircraft Company -- in the Missile Systems Group, now Raytheon -- engineering missile test equipment and software.

I met the love of my life, Mary Middleton, at Hughes in 1986. We married three years later. I have four children: Andrew (1978), Lisa (1980), Jessica (1982), and Tyler (1991). The first three are from a previous marriage.

In 1992, I left Hughes to start a company doing market analysis software. We switched to producing geographic data after a year, and sold the company in 1998. I did freelance software development for a few more years, and then Mary and I started a home-remodeling [ad]venture.

I really have too many interests. First come my beautiful wife and children, but I also spend considerable time in my shop, metalworking (mostly making tools), woodworking, or exploring electronics or astronomy. Out of the shop, I love chess, and have been quite active in local chess organizations. When I can, I also dabble in music (piano and guitar), radio control airplanes, and sometimes a little oil painting.